Ball Field Status

Field Status Update Schedule and Field Closure Guidelines

Following severe weather or heavy rains, the City may close or restrict the use of athletic fields.

WEEKDAYS: Field status will be updated no later than 4:15 p.m.Lax players cropped (800x684)

WEEKENDS: Field status will be updated no later than 7:15 a.m. for usage until noon. Second updates, if necessary will be posted no later than 11 a.m. when questionable conditions exist.

LIGHTNING/THUNDER: ALL ACTIVITIES MUST CEASE and may be resumed only after a 30 minute delay beyond the last sign of lightning or sound of thunder.

  Updated:     7/25/2017 2:24:59 PM

  Allen Pond

              Andy Brown             Closed

              Huston                     Closed

              Murtagh 2                Closed

              SB 1                        Closed

              SB 2                        Closed

              SB 3                        Closed

  Blacksox Park

              BB                           Closed

              SB 1                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              SB 2                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              SB 3                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              SB 4                        Closed


              BB 1                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              BB 2                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              BB 3                        Closed

              Soccer                     Open

  Church Rd

              Field 1                     Closed

              Field 2                     Closed

              Field 3                     Closed

  Glen Allen

              BB                           Closed

              Soccer                     Closed


              BB 1                        Closed

              BB 2                        Closed

              BB 3                        Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              Softball                   Closed

  Kenhill Center

              BB Back Field          Closed

              BB Front Field          Closed

              Soccer                     Closed


              Mitchellville 1           Closed

              Mitchellville 2           Open

              Mitchellville 3           Open

              Mitchellville 4           Closed

              Mitchellville 5           Closed

              Mitchellville 6           Open

              Mitchellville 7           Open

  Popes Creek

              Mini                         Closed

              SB                           Closed

              Soccer                     Open


              BB                           Closed (Outfield Practice Only)

              FB (Practice)            Closed

              Multi-Use                 Open

d to participate under questionable weather-related conditions