Teen Mentoring Program

The Bowie Prevention Network has coordinated the Teen Mentoring Program at Bowie High School since 2002. When you volunteer to mentor a Bowie High School student you will spend one hour a week building a positive relationship with a student that has the potential to change the course of a teen's high school experience, their life, and your community. Through this program students receive a stable, caring and nurturing relationship with an adult mentor with the goal of adding to the student’s sense of personal confidence and importance.

The Teen Mentoring Program (TMP) at Bowie High School seeks to match students with an adult volunteer mentor for the duration of the academic year. Mentors and teens meet weekly, usually at lunch, during the school day; both voluntarily participate and contribute to the success of the program.

Mentoring Works!

The TMP invites men and women to apply to be Mentors if you are willing to:
  • Make a commitment to a teen for the school year.
  • Meet weekly with a teen, usually at lunch.
  • Agree to an interview and security screening.
  • Attend initial mentor training and occasional follow-up trainings.
For more information contact Patricia Cooper, Community Coordinator at Bowie Youth & Family Services, 301-809-3033 or mentor@cityofbowie.org.

Students at Bowie High can apply here or at school through the Guidance office or the Nurse.